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10 Things Hated


!0 things i hate;

  1. Liers.
  2. Cheaters.
  3. Snitches.
  4. Bitches.
  5. Trashy girls that are beautiful.
  6. Smart girls that are trashy.
  7. When a guy don’t stand up for a girl.
  8. When a guy treats a girl like shit.
  9. When people don’t answer.
  10. Guys/Girls that flirt with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
10 Things I Hate

Know what I hate? Well a lot of things actually, but here are 10 I can think of right now:    1. When people stand over me while I do something like right now while I'm writing this...  2. When sun flower seed shells get stuck in my teeth  3. When stupid people disagree with me when I know I'm right and they are just stupid but they think that they are right and that they have won the argument bc I just shut up or I'm going to stab them in the throat with a pen and go to prison  4. When silverware is cheap and tastes like blood  5. When the microwave keeps beeping even after I'v taken the damn food out  6. When lazy assholes leave their shopping carts in the parking lot instead of bringing them to the cart thingies 10 fucking feet away. Lazy dicks.  7. When I bite my cheek on accident then keep biting it for 3 more days bc the swelling doesn't go down before I bite it again  8. Hillbillies  9. The rattling of a plastic bag  10. Mouth breathers!!